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Workshops with Group Cannabis Sessions *Coming Soon*

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At Holistic TherapeutiX, we offer a series of enriched workshops designed to delve into various aspects of personal growth and development. These workshops uniquely combine group cannabis & breathwork sessions with an array of personal development techniques.

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Catering to diverse needs and interests, we address topics like relationship dynamics, navigating life transitions such as divorce and grief, embracing the journey of cancer survival, and improving sleep with cannabis. Additionally, we explore areas such as developing your sacred feminine, singing for emotional release, crystal healing, and creating a holistic environment for growth and self-discovery.

Participant Requirement:

  • Accommodating groups ranging from 10 to 15 participants In-person and availability for Online participation. 
  • Participants must be of legal age for cannabis use 21+
  • Suitable for individuals seeking various aspects of personal  growth and development.

Focus Areas:

  • Personal and Interpersonal Challenges: Including relationships, divorce, and grief.
  • Health and Wellness: Such as cancer survival and using cannabis for sleep improvement.
  • Sacred Feminine Empowerment: Exploring and embracing feminine energy and wisdom.
  • Expressive Arts: Utilizing singing and other art forms for emotional expression and healing.
  • Energy Healing: Incorporating practices like crystal healing, sound healing and Reiki for spiritual and physical well-being.

Activities Included:

  • Group Cannabis & breathwork Session: Utilizing the therapeutic properties of cannabis to facilitate introspection and emotional release.
  • Guided Discussions: Led by experienced facilitators, these discussions aim to provide insights and shared experiences relevant to the workshop’s theme.
  • Tailored Activities: Engaging in activities that resonate with the specific focus of the workshop, providing practical tools and strategies.
  • Healing Environment: Creating a supportive community atmosphere where participants can share and learn from each other.

Objective and Benefits:

Foster Community and Understanding: Connect with others who share similar experiences. Our workshops offer a unique space for building a sense of community, understanding, and mutual support, enabling participants to feel less alone in their journeys.

Acquire Practical Insights and Tools: Gain valuable insights and practical tools tailored to navigate specific life challenges. These workshops are designed to equip you with effective strategies and approaches, enhancing your ability to cope with and overcome personal hurdles.

Emotional and Mental Well-being through Cannabis: Utilize cannabis as a supportive tool for emotional and mental well-being. Our controlled and guided setting ensures a safe and therapeutic experience, allowing for thoughtful exploration and healing under expert guidance.

These Workshops are Perfectly Suited For:

Individuals Seeking Guidance and Support

If you are navigating through specific challenges or seeking direction in certain areas of your life, these workshops offer a supportive and insightful environment. They are ideal for those looking to delve deeper into personal matters such as relationship issues, life transitions, or emotional healing. Through guided discussions and tailored activities, individuals will find a space to explore their concerns and gain valuable insights for personal growth and resolution.

Those Exploring Therapeutic Benefits of Cannabis 

Our workshops provide a unique opportunity for individuals interested in understanding and experiencing the therapeutic potential of cannabis. Conducted in a safe and structured setting, these sessions allow participants to explore how cannabis can be used as a tool for emotional and mental well-being. This is especially beneficial for those new to cannabis or seeking to integrate it responsibly into their wellness journey.

Groups and Communities with Shared Experiences 

For groups or communities bonded by common experiences or facing similar life challenges, our workshops offer a communal space for exploration, healing, and growth. Whether it’s a support group, a team from a specific professional background, or a community dealing with shared issues like grief or recovery, these workshops provide an opportunity to learn, heal, and grow together. The group setting fosters a sense of solidarity, understanding, and mutual support, enhancing the individual and collective experience.

Our workshops at Holistic TherapeutiX are designed to cater to a diverse array of participants, all seeking to enrich their lives through holistic practices, communal support, and the guided use of cannabis for personal development.

Financial Aid is Available

We offer a Conscious Cannabis Scholarship. Please answer all questions to ensure a speedy review process.