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Embrace the Journey… To Transform.

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Together, we rise as our truest selves

at Holistic TherapeutiX.

The Location

Located in the serenity of the Santa Monica Mountains of Agoura Hills, California, our center combines the best of tradition and modernity. It’s a contemporary sanctuary, ideal for both group and individual sessions. Surround yourself with lush greenery and rejuvenating outdoor spa services, perfect for nurturing your body and mind. Here, the beauty of nature complements our holistic approach, creating a tranquil space for personal growth and relaxation.

Our Sessions

Individual Sessions


Personalized One-On-One Cannabis Psycholytic Session Package


Couples Cannabis and Breathwork Session Package


Psychedelic Integration Coaching (1 hour)

Group Sessions


Conscious Cannabis & Breathwork Circles


One-Day Holistic Rejuvenation Retreats for Private Groups


Deep Immersion Retreats (4 – 6 Days)


Workshops with Group Cannabis Sessions


Group Online Psychedelic Integration Session (1 hour)

Ready to Embark on your Holistic TherapeutiX Journey?

First, we need some basic information from you, including your contact details, health history, and your goals for the session. After that, we will arrange a 15-minute introductory video call. This call is your opportunity to discover how a Holistic TherapeutiX session can benefit you and learn about your wellness journey’s next steps.

Featured Session

Conscious Cannabis & Breathwork Circles

Conscious Cannabis & Breathwork Circles

Discover the therapeutic potential of Cannabis and breathwork in our Conscious Cannabis & Breathwork Circles. These sessions use mindfulness to provide a gentle, safe environment for self-exploration, learning, growth, and personal development.

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“Monica and Ben create a dynamic, supportive, collaborative environment in which to do one’s personal inner work while also being in a group process. The music (and other auditory techniques) is incredible and really guides the cannabis and breathwork journey in an intentional and meaningful way. The setting is welcoming and beautiful and I felt and continue to feel more open and expansive after my most recent journey with Holistic TherapeutiX.”


“Saturday’s Full Moon circle was quite the experience. I was brought on an unexpected journey, exploring new limits to my breath work and discovering new ways to work with cannabis consciously from my own home.”


“Attending the Circle for the second time was an unparalleled experience that marked the beginning of a profound journey into my inner self. The harmonious blend of music, guided meditation, thoughtful breathwork, and the subtle, grounding presence of cannabis opened new pathways of mindfulness and self-awareness that I had never encountered before. The sense of community and shared intention amplified the experience, making it not just a personal journey but a collective exploration of tranquility and inner peace.”