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Group Online Psychedelic Integration Session (1 hour) *Coming Soon*

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Join our Group Psychedelic Integration Sessions at Holistic TherapeutiX, a communal space designed for individuals who seek to understand and integrate their psychedelic experiences. These monthly meetings are structured to foster a supportive community environment where participants can share their journeys and learn from each other.

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We offer a monthly scheduled session for our participants that allows for continuous support and development. Conducted in a group setting, these sessions encourage a shared experience where participants can connect with others on similar paths. Designed to be a secure and open space for honest expression and mutual respect.

Goals and Benefits: 

Community Space for Sharing

Our sessions create a welcoming community space where participants can openly share their psychedelic experiences, challenges, and insights. This sharing cultivates a strong sense of belonging and mutual understanding within the group.

Collective Wisdom

Benefit from the collective wisdom of the group. Insights are not only drawn from our skilled facilitators but also from the rich and varied experiences of peers, offering a diverse range of perspectives.

Facilitator and Peer Support

Each session is carefully guided by experienced facilitators who provide professional insights and support. In addition, interactions with peers offer a wealth of communal wisdom, enriching the experience with varied viewpoints and shared learning.

Enhanced Understanding

Engage in group discussions that shed light on different aspects of psychedelic experiences. These discussions provide a broader understanding and illuminate various facets of these profound journeys, contributing to a deeper comprehension for all participants.

Integration Focus

A key emphasis of our sessions is on the practical integration of psychedelic insights into everyday life. This focus promotes personal growth and psychological well-being, helping participants apply their experiences to enhance their daily living.

Sense of Belonging

Being part of a group with shared experiences greatly diminishes feelings of isolation. It fosters a supportive environment where emotional support is readily available.

These Sessions are Perfectly Suited For:

  • Individuals seeking a community to discuss and integrate psychedelic experiences.
  • Those who prefer a group setting for learning and sharing.
  • Participants looking for regular, ongoing support in their integration journey.

Session Structure:

  • Brief introductions and updates from participants to foster community connection.
  • Themed discussions led by facilitators, focusing on common aspects of psychedelic integration.
  • An opportunity for participants to share their experiences and insights in a supportive environment.
  • Group activities and exercises to facilitate understanding and integration.

At Holistic TherapeutiX, our Group Psychedelic Integration Sessions offer a nurturing and enriching community environment, ideal for those seeking to deepen their understanding and application of their psychedelic experiences in a collaborative and supportive setting.

Financial Aid is Available

We offer a Conscious Cannabis Scholarship. Please answer all questions to ensure a speedy review process.