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Deep Immersion Retreats (4 – 6 Days) *Coming Soon*

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Dive into a profound personal and professional growth journey with our 4 – 6 Days Retreats at Holistic TherapeutiX. Designed for groups of 10 to 16 participants, these retreats offer an in-depth exploration of holistic practices, presenting a unique blend of traditional wisdom and modern techniques. We also provide an online participation option, ensuring accessibility for those who can not join in person.

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Additional details

We collaborate with certified facilitators from various disciplines to bring you a diverse range of services, like different breathwork techniques, shamanic teachings, and other holistic approaches.

Participant Requirement:

  • Accommodating groups ranging from 10 to 16 participants.
  • Participants must be of legal age for cannabis use 21+
  • Suitable for individuals seeking mental, emotional, and physical development and transformation.

Objective and Benefits:

These extended retreats are designed to offer a comprehensive training experience in holistic practices.

  • Gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills in various holistic disciplines.
  • Engage in activities and teachings that promote profound personal and professional growth.
  • Perfect for those seeking to deepen their practice or pursue a career in holistic therapies.
  • Connect with like-minded individuals and build a supportive, long-lasting network.

These Retreats are Perfectly Suited For:

Practitioners Eager to Deepen Their Expertise in Holistic Modalities

Our retreats offer an invaluable opportunity for practitioners in various holistic fields to refine and expand their skills. Whether you’re a yoga teacher, a therapist, a healer, or a wellness coach, these retreats provide advanced hands-on experience in a range of holistic practices. The immersive environment is designed to enhance your professional abilities, enriching your practice and enabling you to offer a more profound experience to your clients.

Individuals Seeking a Profound and Transformative Holistic Journey

For those on a personal quest for growth and transformation, these retreats serve as a gateway to deeper self-discovery and healing. Participants will embark on an intensive exploration of holistic practices, leading to significant personal development. The retreat’s extended duration allows for a thorough engagement with each modality, ensuring a transformative experience that resonates on a deep emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

Groups or Teams Looking to Bond and Evolve Through Holistic Practices

These retreats are an excellent choice for groups or teams who wish to explore and evolve together. Whether it’s a corporate team, a community group, or a circle of friends, participants will engage in activities that foster team-building, mutual understanding, and collective growth. The shared experiences in this serene and supportive environment strengthen relationships and promote a harmonious balance between individual and group dynamics.

The retreats are designed to cater to a diverse range of participants, all united by a common interest in deepening their understanding and practice of holistic wellness. By participating in these retreats, individuals and groups are investing in their personal and professional growth and contributing to a larger community dedicated to holistic well-being and mindful living.

Financial Aid is Available

We offer a Conscious Cannabis Scholarship. Please answer all questions to ensure a speedy review process.