About Us

Our Vision

At Holistic TherapeutiX Mindfulness Center, we envision creating a sacred space for individuals on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. We focus on mindfulness techniques using conscious cannabis and breathwork practices, community activities, and educational workshops and retreats to help everyone find their greatest potential. Our center is based on holistic and mindful exploration, blending traditional wisdom with modern science to help individuals become their best selves.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer transformative experiences through conscious cannabis use, breathwork, and educational workshops, all aimed at nurturing the soul and enlightening the mind. We create a sacred space for individuals to embark on a journey of holistic healing and personal development, inspiring them to embrace their authenticity and reach their fullest potential. Our approach goes beyond self-discovery, empowering individuals to make a positive impact on their lives and their community.

Our Goal

Our goal extends beyond assisting individuals in finding themselves; we aim to empower them to reshape and redefine their potential, achieving their absolute best. Our center equips individuals with tools and experiences that propel them toward their highest potential. We envision a world where holistic healing is the norm, minds expand, and every soul recognizes and realizes its boundless potential. Holistic TherapeutiX stands as a guiding light in a world filled with superficial remedies, merging traditional wisdom with modern science for comprehensive, holistic care.

Core Values

Our core values include integrity, authenticity, holistic approaches, respect for different traditions, diversity & inclusion, innovative learning, and long-term sustainability.

Holistic TherapeutiX provides a safe, effective, and inclusive environment for personal growth and healing, staying true to its mission of fostering transformation and empowerment.

Our Team

Monica Nieto

Founder & Lead Psychedelic Facilitator

Monica is a devoted mother, wife, and passionate healer with a deep love for nature. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, she pursued higher education in the US, earning a Master’s in Psychology and an M.A. in International Affairs during her time in France. Her journey includes training in the Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic program with Daniel MacQueen at the Center of Medicinal Mindfulness and completing the Vital Psychedelic Therapies and Integration program from Psychedelics Today. Monica’s deep bond with medicinal plants, especially her affinity and connection to cannabis, has been pivotal in her personal healing journey. This experience has ignited her commitment to facilitating transformative experiences for others, integrating her extensive knowledge and profound understanding of the therapeutic properties of cannabis and other entheogenic medicinal plants.

Ben Piret

Music / Facilitator

Dedicated father and husband, born in France, Ben stands out as a visionary entrepreneur in various industries. He is passionate about traveling, meeting remote cultures, learning, and using traditional medicines and philosophies. Renowned for his innovative approach to business, he is pioneering in the field of psychedelic-assisted leadership development. Ben has been trained to be a psychedelic guide by Daniel McQueen at the Center of Medicinal Mindfulness in Colorado. He also completed the Vital program from Psychedelics Today. Ben produces and curates music for journeys. His new project Kinesthesia aims to foster a profound shift in leadership approaches, preparing leaders for an evolving world.

Steve D. Kanovitz


For over 30 years, Steve has been immersed in the healing arts. His journey began studying kinesiology in college, yet ultimately followed the path of complementary medicine, learning massage therapy and Shiatsu before formally studying and receiving a master’s degree in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Steve has been in practice for over 20 years, and most recently has been trained and credentialed as a Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Guide, with a specialization in Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy by the Medicinal Mindfulness Foundation in Boulder, Colorado. He has also completed their Psilocybin Mushroom Support Training Intensive and eagerly awaits the day when psilocybin and other plant medicines are legal and accessible to individuals and communities in need of the healing wisdom that these natural allies can offer. Steve believes there is no greater importance than realizing and remembering who we truly are, and he wholeheartedly embraces the intentional use of these sacred medicines to align with this belief.

Taslim Zaman


Taslim a board-certified Psychiatrist, specializes in psychedelic therapies such as psilocybin, ketamine, MDMA, and Cannabis, providing alternative treatment paths for clients exploring beyond traditional psychiatric medications. A Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Taslim embraces a holistic approach, integrating mind, body, and soul in treatment plans, combining lifestyle and medical insights for a comprehensive care approach. His passion for psychedelic healing sparked in medical school, which led him to pursue specialized training with Fluence and the Vital Psychedelic Therapies and Integration program, deepening his expertise as a psychedelic practitioner, facilitator, researcher, and healer.

Sebastian Beca

Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist L.M.F.T.

Sebastian is a licensed psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT #134131). Specializing in trauma healing, anxiety management, and life transitions, Seba uses a humanistic-transpersonal approach, incorporating Gestalt, EMDR, Eco-Therapy, and Psychedelic Therapy. He holds certifications in Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapy and Ketamine-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy and has extensive training in MDMA-Assisted Therapy. In 2018, Seba co-founded Green Magic Yoga, creating a community focused on Cannabis, Psychedelics, Yoga, and Mindfulness. As Executive Director of the Santa Cruz Psychedelic Society, he facilitates Psychedelic Integration and community events. Seba also runs his private practice, Natural Bridges Therapy, offering EMDR, KAP, and CAPT services.

Carolina Davalos

Administrator / Coordinator

Carolina is a loving mother and wife with deep roots in Mexico City, possessing extensive experience in quantum meditation, energy work, and various modalities of psychedelics and plant medicine. Influenced by her anthropologist mother, she has developed a profound connection with indigenous healers and spiritual practices. Excelling as an administrator and coordinator, Carolina harmonizes her deep understanding of metaphysical and energy-healing techniques with efficient organizational skills. She is dedicated to guiding individuals toward inner peace and joy, offering transformative experiences that emphasize true healing and profound transformation from within.