How to Prepare for a Psychedelic Journey

Feb 6, 2024 | Wellness

An Astronaut on a Psychedelic Cannabis Journey

Are you finding yourself at the edge of joining a psychedelic cannabis experience such as ours, but aren’t sure how to prepare?

Then this blog piece is for you. In today’s piece, we’ll be going over how to prepare for a psychedelic journey with cannabis.

The support for psychedelic cannabis is growing at an enormous rate. Three in five American voters now believe psychedelics should be legalized for regulated, therapeutic use. Nearly half of American voters believe psychedelics should also be legalized for personal use.

With such a significant shift in the culture, and with massive legal changes in Oregon and Colorado around the therapeutic use and personal possession of psychedelics, the interest in the healing potential of psychedelics may be higher than ever before.

At Holistic TherapeutiX, we believe Cannabis is one of the best psychedelic journey medicines, due to its agile properties, and relative safety.

We embrace the healing properties of cannabis with a holistic, mindfulness-based approach. We also firmly believe that intentional psychedelic integration is where the real impact on our lives takes place.

If you’re considering joining us, then read on for a comprehensive preparation guide on how to prepare for a psychedelic cannabis journey.

Preparing for a Cannabis Journey: A Mindfulness-based Approach

Journeyers Preparing for a Journey

Before we dive into the nuts and bolts of preparation, let’s spend a little bit of time on the foundation of Holistic TherapeutiX journeys.

When you journey with us, you can expect an emphasis in holistic growth. We believe in acknowledging the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit. This helps us focus on healing or exploring what is most needed.

The pillar of mindfulness is compassionate and curious awareness of all emotions, sensations, thoughts, and feelings. The idea is to embrace all aspects of ourselves, even the ones that make us uncomfortable.

(If you want to learn even more about Mindfulness, check out our recent blog posts here and here.)

It’s typically the aspects of ourselves we are most uncomfortable with that have the most to teach us. But we must first practice and develop openness in order to see what is there to be learned.

With a holistic view on healing, a mindfulness-based approach to exploring, and psychedelic cannabis as our consciousness-altering catalyst, our journeys can offer a life-changing experience.

We started Holistic TherapeutiX with the goal of providing a comprehensive, curated, and supportive environment to promote self-discovery. This helps us address underlying issues, and facilitate substantial personal transformation and healing.

Once you decide to join us, there are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare for one of our journeys.

Preparing a Psychedelic Cannabis Blend

A Psychedelic Cannabis Blend for a Psychedelic Journey

What’s the first step on how to prepare for a psychedelic journey with Holistic TherapeutiX? To start, you must locate a (legal) place to buy the ingredients for a psychedelic cannabis blend. Due to internal policies, Holistic TherapuetiX does not provide cannabis to our journeyers.

Don’t worry, the only ingredients you need are different flower strains of cannabis. Most of these can be found at your local cannabis dispensary. We believe the flower varieties of cannabis are the safest and most effective.

While the hash, oil, “dabs”, and edible varieties of cannabis all have their therapeutic potential, they do not offer the same amount of agency as cannabis flower. The effects from these varieties also tend to last far longer, especially the edible varieties.

Agency is one of the most important reasons cannabis journeys are so safe. A high majority of people are able to retain their senses, and a feeling of control over the experience. This control can mean you have the ability to navigate where the journey goes. It may also mean pausing or ending the journey with a high-quality CBD product, such as oral CBD spray.

With that being said, the ingredients you need for a psychedelic cannabis blend are an equal amount of high-quality sativa, hybrid, and indica cannabis strains. What this means is that you want an equal amount of each strain in your blend. I.e. one gram of sativa, hybrid, and indica, or two grams or sativa, hybrid, indica, or three grams of each.

If you are unsure of which specific sativa, hybrid, and indica strains to go with, we recommend going with some of your favorites. We also recommend asking the budtender at your favorite dispensary what they think if you are still unsure.

The important thing to keep in mind is that the total amount of cannabis is not as important as keeping the blend balanced in a 1-1-1 ratio of each strain.

For our more experienced journeyers, particularly with cannabis journeys, you can increase the number of strains to create a far more intense experience. This may mean two strains of sativa, two strains of hybrid, and two strains of indica. Or it may mean three strains of each.

As long as the number of strains in each category are the same, and the weight of each strain is the same, you will be well primed for a psychedelic cannabis journey.

You also do not need to worry about combining these different strains until you arrive at our retreat center. We will have all the materials you need to grind and mix your cannabis strains, and we will do it as a group before the ceremony begins.

You may be wondering why or how combining different strains of cannabis can lead to a psychedelic experience.

This is because all three strain varieties have their “pros and cons” and combining them has two main effects.

 1) You will experience all of the benefits of each strain all at once.

2) You will not experience the negative effects of each strain, as the benefits of one will cancel out the negative effects of the others.

For example, while Sativa strains are known to provide happiness and energy, they can also cause someone to feel “racy”. Indica strains are known to provide peace and calm, and yet they can cause someone to feel lethargic, or unfocused.  

When a Sativa strain and an Indica strain are combined, you can experience happiness and energy without the raciness. Vice versa, you may also feel a deep sense of peace and calm, while retaining energy and clarity. The hybrid strains contribute to the process by opening our hearts and allowing us to feel all of what is there.

Other Preparation Steps for How to Prepare for a Psychedelic Cannabis Journey

Journaling to Prepare For a Psychedelic Cannabis Journey

Now that we’ve laid out Holistic TherapeutiX’s approach to psychedelic cannabis journeys, and how to create a psychedelic cannabis blend, let’s briefly go over some of the other important steps you can take while preparing for a psychedelic journey.

1. Set Clear Intentions

What brings you to our circle?

Start reflecting on your intention and anything you would like to work on. Reflect on what you wish to explore or resolve during the event, whether personal development, creative insights, or relationship dynamics.

The more specific you can be, the better. In rare cases, a journey will take you somewhere you were not expecting. In this case, we recommend “going with the flow” if it feels comfortable, as sometimes the medicine wants to show us something we were not anticipating.

Do your best to approach the psychedelic cannabis journey with an open mind and heart. Trust the process, relinquish control, and allow the experience to unfold naturally. Embrace whatever arises during the session, and know it is contributing to your personal growth.

2. Self-Reflection and Journaling:

How are you arriving at our circle? Are you a bit unsure?

Engaging in self-reflection and journaling in the days leading up to your journey is a great way to explore your current mental, emotional, and physical state. Document any thoughts, concerns, or expectations you may have. This process helps create a baseline for self-awareness.

3. Consultation with Facilitators:

Holistic TherapeutiX prides itself on having a team of experienced facilitators.

We recommend reaching out to us for a consultation ([email protected]) to discuss your intentions, any questions or concerns, or specific needs you may have.

Our facilitators can provide valuable insights and guidance tailored to your unique situation.

4. Create a Comfortable Setting:

Whether you’ll be joining a Conscious Cannabis Circle in person or virtually, ensure your setting is comfortable and conducive to a relaxed state of mind. Consider factors like lighting, temperature, and items that bring you comfort.

For our in-person participants, we recommend bringing:

  • Comfortable clothes
  • A Bottle of Water
  • A Journal and a Pencil
  • Cannabis implements pipe/flower vape ( we recommend PAX ). If you don’t have one, we will have extra PAX for the In-Person experience.
  • Power item, amulet, or personal item (optional)

For our virtual participants, we recommend keeping the following in mind:

  • Have a place where you can lie down comfortably, quietly, and where you will not be disturbed.
  • Eyeshades
  • Medium-to-high quality wired headset with a microphone, as we need to hear you while you are lying down. We don’t recommend wireless headsets as they can run out of battery and don’t have good audio quality in general.
  • For safety reasons, we need to be able to see you during the journey. You must have your computer webcam close to where you will lie down.
  • You need Zoom installed to be able to join the meeting.
  • Have some art supplies, paper, and crayons handy.
  • Have ready your favorite snacks.
  • Have someone who you feel safe with around who is aware of your journey (if possible) in case you need assistance.

5. Mindfulness Practices:

As mindfulness is integral to the Holistic TherapeutiX approach, we recommend practicing mindfulness in the days before the journey. This can include meditation, deep breathing exercises, or time spent in nature. These practices help cultivate a focused and present mindset.

6. Dietary Considerations:

Pay attention to your diet in the days leading up to your journey. While there are no strict dietary restrictions, many people find that light, fresh meals enhance the overall experience. Avoiding heavy or processed foods can contribute to a clearer and more grounded state on the day of the journey.

We also recommend abstaining from alcohol in the days up to, and the days after, a journey. Alcohol is a toxin with no “safe amount that does not effect health”. This is a toxin that our bodies will need to fight and recover from which can take vital energy away from your journey and integration.

7. Hydration and Rest:

Ensure you are well-hydrated and well-rested before your journey. Hydration supports the body’s natural processes, and adequate rest contributes to overall well-being. Entering a state of physical balance before a journey can enhance your receptivity to the psychedelic experience.

8. Post-Circle:

After the circle, it is advisable to have no immediate obligations, allowing time for personal reflection and gentle integration into your daily routine. Additionally, we recommend scheduling a restful evening to process your journey further.

9. Working with a Mental Health Professional Trained in Psychedelic Integration:

We highly recommend working with a mental health care professional, with training in psychedelic integration, before and after the journey. If you already are seeing a therapist or coach, this would be a great person to speak with.

A mental health professional can help you prepare for the journey, and help you integrate the experience afterwards. They can help you clarify your intentions, and integrate the positive insights you received into your life.

How to Prepare for a Psychedelic Cannabis Journey with Holistic TherapeutiX

A Person Resting after a Cannabis Journey

We hope you now feel well-equipped to answer the question of how to prepare for a psychedelic cannabis journey.

This guide aimed to prepare you for a profound exploration of self. The surge in support for psychedelic therapy across the cultural landscape is a great opportunity for community-wide healing, and we see cannabis taking center stage.

At Holistic TherapeutiX, we don’t merely view cannabis as a recreational or medicinal herb but as a potent catalyst for intentional and mindful journeys. With a commitment to holistic growth, and a recognition of the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit, our journeys are curated to help you experience profound change and insights. 

We briefly discussed the creation and importance of a psychedelic cannabis blend, and why we only work with cannabis flower at Holistic TherapeutiX. Crafting this blend is an intentional process, and we explained why we encourage a balanced ratio for a harmonious experience.

In addition to the blend creation, we outlined essential steps for your journey preparation, such as setting clear intentions, self-reflection, journaling, and mindfulness practices. These steps help ensure you arrive for the circle with a clear heart, mind, and soul.

If you feel called to join us on a journey, remember that the transformative potential lies not just in the psychedelic experience but in the intentional integration that follows.

We believe an intentional choice, a mindful mindset, and a commitment to the exploration of your inner world can open avenues of healing you never thought possible.

Are you ready to join us?

Julian Bost

Julian Bost is a Development Specialist and Psychedelic Sitter for Kinesthesia Leadership and Holistic Therapeutix, a Psychedelic Freelance Writer, a Psychedelic IFS-Therapist in training, and a volunteer for the Nowak Society of the greater Denver area. Julian’s experience includes stints with Psychedelics Today, REMAP Therapeutics, and the Integrated Research Literacy Group. Although his background was originally in economics, he has spent the last several years focused on psychedelics, chronic pain, and mental health. He has studied this intersection through the lens of cognitive psychology, human anatomy, and neuroscience. He also has over 15 years of experience resolving his own pain and injury as a lifelong athlete.

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